Our Story

Chia Jewelry was founded in 2014 by our designer Wei. We design jewelry with stories and each piece is lovingly handcrafted in our studio in Taiwan.

In 2022 we have our new team member Winnie who brings refreshing ideas to the brand!

We brings you jewelry with passion enlighten your daily life, and share inspiring elements from personal stories to arts.

With our jewelry collections and bespoke jewelry, your’ll discover stories relate to your life, make you feel beautiful inside out and be the strongest support when you needed.

Meet our Designer

Hi! I’m Wei, the jewelry designer of Chia and also a FGA geologist. Through the years I design bespoke fine jewelry and wedding rings for private clients around the world.

Clients often told me how magical my jewelry tell their stories and speak to their heart or even gave them strength in their hard times like their best friend!

The jewelry I created with passion bring self confidence as well as emotional support and encouraging motivation to my clients!

These warm feedbacks made me realized the magical power of jewelry and encourage us to spread these good vibes with more beautiful souls like you!

Meet our Co-founder

Hi, I am Winnie. I don't know what jewellery means to you, but beautiful ones are not only a finishing touch for my day but like a supportive friend with magic power by my side.

That's how I resonate with Wei's designed pieces, not only because she is a genuinely supportive friend but also because she brings the stories and magic powers into her design.

Being an independent, mature, or professional adult may play many roles in your life; sometimes, you may just feel something is missing, and sometimes, it can be and exhausting. All you want is something that can bring you "un petit plaisir" or keep your faith from trembling. That's the reason I am eager to deliver this brand to you.

Our Mission

Chia present quality jewelry that accompany you everyday and worth cherishing for lifetime.

Be the inspiration empower your mind and transform your life !

Put one that necklace brings you confident on your presentation day.

Reward yourself a memorable ring as a celebration of reaching a milestone in your life.

Prepare an meaningful bracelet for your bestie that moves her so much!

Every single beautiful moment makes you who you are!

The adventure of life changing journey still goes on….

Are you with us?

designer and founder of Chia Jewelry

As a jewelry brand leaded by two girls, we know your highs and lows.

We are here for you.
To inspire, to support, to share.