Crafting Connections: A Journey Behind Your Jewelry

Crafting process of Chia's fins jewelry

Hey, Chia family! Elisha here, sharing the heartwarming journey behind the exquisite pieces you cherish. Join me as we delve into the craftsmanship and dedication woven into each creation.

Celebrating Lunar New Year with Gratitude

In Taiwan, Lunar New Year is more than just a festivity; it's a time to express gratitude to our invaluable business partners. These relationships form the foundation for another year of success.

Partners in Precision - Lost Wax Casting

Embark with me on visits to our trusted partners, starting with the expert in lost wax casting. Witness how intricate design concepts metamorphose into stunning gold and silver pieces with unparalleled precision and care.

Brilliance in Gemsetting Mastery

Next, we meet a skilled gemsetting artisan. Explore the meticulous process of placing each gemstone with utmost precision, ensuring they not only sparkle brilliantly but also remain securely in place.

Intricate Details - Goldsmith Studios at Work

For intricate details, we collaborate with experienced goldsmith studios. Uncover the advanced techniques, including laser welding and engraving, that elevate each piece to meet our uncompromising standards.

From Studio to Your Story - Finishing Touches

Once the final piece is in hand, I personally oversee the finishing touches back at our studio. It's a critical step to ensure that every piece is perfect before it embarks on its journey to you.

Craftsmanship Chronicles - A Testament to Dedication

This is the story behind your meaningful jewelry – a testament to the craftsmanship and dedication of artisans here in Taiwan. Every piece is a symbol of the care and artistry that goes into delivering something truly special to you.

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