Exploring Unconventional Angles: A Little Trick to Refresh Your Ideas


Embarking on crafting unique custom jewellery for clients worldwide has been a remarkable odyssey for me. Every bespoke project presents a novel challenge, pushing the boundaries of creativity and demanding something exceptional. However, the creative process is not without its share of hurdles, with the occasional encounter of art block.

Unlocking Inspiration: A Glimpse into Industrial Design Training

In today's post, I'm excited to share a valuable technique that has proven invaluable in overcoming creative roadblocks. This trick, drawn from my university days of industrial design training, involves flipping through reference magazines and images from unconventional angles. It's a method that has consistently breathed new life into my designs and maybe the spark of inspiration you seek.


Breaking Free from Visual Conventions

Our perception often becomes confined within familiar perspectives, inadvertently limiting our creative horizons. The magic of this approach lies in its ability to dismantle these limitations. By exploring curves, forms, and structures from diverse vantage points, a single image can reveal multiple facets, each with unique potential.

Igniting Fresh Ideas

The surge of fresh ideas is the beauty of breaking away from conventional viewpoints. A shift in perspective triggers a cascade of creative thoughts, allowing you to reimagine concepts and explore uncharted artistic territory. Just as a prism refracts light into a spectrum of colours, unconventional angles refract a single concept into a spectrum of possibilities.

Seeing the Familiar Anew

It's fascinating how this technique has the power to transform the mundane into the extraordinary. Even something as familiar as a book can take on a new identity when viewed from an unconventional angle. This continuous discovery process sustains a wellspring of inspiration, fuelling my passion for crafting unique jewellery pieces.

A Glimpse of "Le Petit Prince"

Is it a hat or a snake that swallowed an elephant?

This approach brings to mind a chapter from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's timeless tale, "Le Petit Prince." Just as the story challenges us to see beyond the obvious, this technique encourages us to view the world with a fresh perspective. Is it a hat or a snake that swallowed an elephant? The answer lies in the eye of the beholder, reflecting the profound impact of altered viewpoints on our creative process.


Overcome Creative Stagnation

In the realm of creative endeavours, stagnation is a hurdle that every artist encounters. The key lies in embracing innovative methods to reignite the spark of imagination. Exploring unconventional angles through reference materials is a potent tool for breathing life into stale ideas. So, the next time you grapple with a creative block, consider turning things around literally and witness the magic of renewed inspiration. After all, creativity knows no bounds, and neither should our perspectives.

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