Poems About Time Collection

Inspired by rocks weathered over time, the 'Poems About Time' collection is dedicated to beautifully refined things shaped by time's passage.

Great accomplishments take time.

As time passes, we pursue our dreams, evolving bit by bit into our ideal selves over time.

Throughout your journey in time, gentleness accompanies you, becoming your lucky charm, infusing belief and strength in you!

Chia Jewelry Collection

Crafted with personalized artistry, brings you exquisite pieces worth cherishing for a lifetime!

Let 'effortless elegance' seamlessly blend into your daily life. No more fretting over difficult jewelry pairings for your busy lifestyle.

Choose a beautifully designed piece that reflects your unique taste and sophistication, expressing your personal attitude and philosophy.


The designer was very careful in discussing the size and style, and patiently answered any questions. I am very satisfied with the finished product. The ring is super exquisite!


Loyal Customer

If you are looking for a very warm jewelry, exclusive and unique, the designer's work will not let you down.

The designer is willing to listen to your needs and transform them into artistc jewelry. from the jewelry to the packaging to the hand written card, you will feel the designer's ingenuity.

There is no doubt that I will repurchase again if I have the opportunity.💕💕


Loyal Customer

So beautiful and delicate. The designer communicated patiently and the size is just perfect!


Loyal Customer