Custom Wedding Ring Review: Bohemian Dance by Chia Jewelry

Chia Jewelry bohemian moonstone custom yellow gold wedding ring design. Review and recommendation.

Bespoke Wedding Ring: Bohemian Dance

Materials: 14k Gold, Moonstone

What’s Your Dream Wedding Ring Style?

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When this couple contacted us, they expressed their love for the Bohemian style and their desire for a more ornate wedding ring. Such unique designs are hard to find in the market, so they turned to Chia Jewelry to create their dream wedding ring through our bespoke service.

Inspiration for Custom Wedding Ring Design

After deep conversations with the couple, our designer gained a thorough understanding of their ideas and personalities. Despite their differing natures—one being carefree and romantic, the other thoughtful and deliberate—they are deeply connected at heart. They spoke of how at ease and authentic they felt with each other, each being the strongest support for the other, free from the concerns of the outside world.

As dancers, both possess a romantic nature. The ring design centers on two abstract plant vines intertwined, reflecting their Bohemian aesthetic.

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Let’s share their thoughts on the custom wedding ring process!

Bespoke Wedding Ring Interview

Chia: Please briefly introduce yourselves!

Ellen & Tom: We are Ellen and Tom. We’ve both lived in Taipei for over a decade.


Chia: Why did you choose Chia Jewelry for your bespoke wedding rings?

Ellen & Tom: While searching for custom wedding rings, we stumbled upon Chia Jewelry’s Instagram. We were drawn to the delicate craftsmanship and aesthetic of the designs, especially the gemstone options (since I’m not a fan of diamond rings). We quickly decided to choose Chia for our rings.

Chia: What was the most memorable part of the custom wedding ring process?

Ellen & Tom: Throughout the process, we were given questions and directions to consider—our significance to each other, our likes, and our relationship dynamics. This helped shape the initial design concept. Elisha patiently guided us through this reflective journey, turning our feelings into tangible designs. It was a unique experience, and watching the rings come to life step by step was truly exciting.


Chia: What are your thoughts on these bespoke wedding rings?

Ellen & Tom: At first glance, our rings may not look like a traditional set, and my extravagant ring doesn’t resemble a typical wedding band. However, this uniqueness reflects our personalities. Despite our closeness, we are independent individuals who won’t sacrifice our identities for love.

Chia: Do you have any words for the designer?

Ellen & Tom: Thank you for your patience, attention to detail, and tireless communication. Your skill and creativity have given us a pair of unique wedding rings that truly belong to us.

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